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  • Roosters and hens relaxing on grass

    Chickens: Two Hens and a Rooster

    Give the gift that keeps on giving. Two hens and a rooster provide protein for today, tomorrow and the future.

    $50.00 Give
  • Woman using crutches in village.


    Give a pair of custom crutches to a person experiencing disabilities.

    $40.00 Give
  • Two young mothers and their children in a Hattian village.

    Emergency Food Kit

    Your generous gift of $75 gives a family food and hygiene supplies they need for an entire month. $150 provides the same support for two families.


    $75.00 Give
  • Girl with her goats


    Give a gift that nourishes, grows and reproduces.

    $100.00 Give
  • Child eating lunch during school break

    School Lunches

    Give the gift of energy and focus. Provide lunch for 2 1/2 months for a student at one of our inclusive education schools.

    $50.00 Give
  • School Children painting

    School Supplies

    Purchase the necessary supplies for a student in one of our inclusive education schools.

    $25.00 Give
  • Kids dancing at a Christian Horizons Camp

    Send a Kid to Camp

    Provide a child with a year’s participation in an inclusive day camp.

    $80.00 Give
  • Young girl in a wheelchair.


    Give the gift of mobility with a wheelchair.

    $195.00 Give