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The health, safety, and well-being of people who use our services and our employees is our top priority, especially during COVID-19.

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In six countries outside of Canada, with a focus on people with disabilities, we work with local partners toward sustainable and inclusive community development.

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Top Priority Project

Send a Child to School

Top Priority Project

Ensure a child has access to inclusive education – a classroom where she feels a sense of belonging and security throughout her learning.


Inclusive Education

Christian Horizons works with local partners and donors like you to build, supply and staff inclusive classrooms. Not only are children with and without disabilities receiving education for the first time, they're beating the odds and reshaping how their community views people with disabilities.

Ways to Support Inclusive Education

Sustainable Community Development

With a focus on including people with disabilities, we support communities to be sustainable and strong. From entrepreneurship training to vocational skill development, nutrition support to farming education and supplies, we believe that promoting sustainable and inclusive development is the key to long-term self sufficiency for people with and without disabilities in developing nations.

Ways to Support Community Development
  • 80% of people with a disability live in the developing world. 90% of children with a disability don’t have access to education. Help us keep making a difference.
Shenaicka in her nursing uniform, Haiti, 2022.

A Journey of Healing

Cite Soleil is a huge city made up of 23 areas. There’s still ongoing construction from the earthquake last August and the people living here are experiencing extreme poverty.

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Kalkidan and Bahren in Ethiopia - 2022

Belonging in a Classroom

Kalkidan and Bahren, two students who are among the laughing children, use wheelchairs and are a part of the child sponsorship program.

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Sam-Steve in Uganda, 2022

Growing in Independence

Sam-Steve is a 17-year-old living outside Kampala City, Uganda, with his parents and four brothers. During a follow-up meeting at his home, we learned that Sam-Steve’s wheelchair was broken beyond repair.

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  • Christian Horizons Global has made a positive impact in the lives of over 300,000 people affecting over 60 communities.

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Serving Across the Globe

An image of land surrounding a large area of water in Nicaragua.


Christian Horizons Global was introduced to opportunities in Nicaragua in 2007. Since then, our services have been based upon a small sponsorship program which impacts over 100 families. This program is located in two underdeveloped neighbourhoods - one in Managua and one in Esteli. Currently, 135 children are supported through the child sponsorship program.

An image of colourful homes in Haiti.


Christian Horizons Global has been working in Haiti since 2009, serving people who experience physical and intellectual disabilities, people who are unemployed and those affected by natural disasters such as the 2010 earthquake. In Haiti, we have a longstanding and valuable relationship with an international church denomination. Through this partnership and the support of generous donors, Christian Horizons Global has been a catalyst for inclusive education and community activities, spiritual leadership, micro-enterprise projects and a child sponsorship program that supports over three hundred children and their families. We work across seven communities to strengthen opportunities for inclusive education and sustainable development.

An image of a street in Guatemala, with colourful storefronts.


Since its inception as Children’s Homes International in 1990, the influence of Christian Horizons Global has continued to increase in Guatemala. In Guatemala City and several rural communities, Christian Horizons Global provides holistic, practical, and long-term development programs that are a source of hope for people living in difficult circumstances, often facing the barriers that accompany disability. Through residential family-type homes, inclusive education, and spiritual development programs, Christian Horizons Global strengthens local community capacity toward a sustainable future. Partnerships with international and local churches and local schools have benefited from development opportunities in local communities. Christian Horizons Global supports over a hundred children through our child sponsorship program in Guatemala.

An image of two large waterfalls in Ethiopia.


Formerly known as Children’s Homes International, Christian Horizons Ethiopia is a well-established nongovernmental organization that has served the Oromia Region of Ethiopia since 1992. From humble beginnings caring for six orphans, the organization has now supported over 40,000 people in children’s services, inclusive education, adult and youth skills training, income-generating projects, disability awareness and leadership development. Our goal is to equip and empower women, people with disabilities, disadvantaged groups, and local communities to become economically self-sufficient. Christian Horizons Global in Ethiopia serves 26 districts through two offices and four project units.

An image of buildings in Kenya.


Christian Horizons Global partners with Kenyan organizations to build the capacity of local churches and grassroots community organizations, enabling them to effectively carry out their spiritual, social and economic activities with a sustainable approach. Christian Horizons Global and partners are currently working to increase access to education for students with disabilities.

An image of the mountains and sunset in Uganda.


The Uganda initiative began in December 2009 after first-hand reports (from earlier that year) of the abject poverty and lack of resources that prohibited many children from getting a quality education. We have worked together to strengthen local leaders, meet emergency support needs of those with disabilities and families led by single mothers. Our partners share our passion for inclusion and accessibility for those who have disabilities.


Sponsor A Child

Esperanza Gauvain

9 years old | May 28, 2013
Girl | Haiti

Esperanza lives with her mother in Delmas 33, which is located just north of Port-au-Prince and consists of a very rich population existing beside a poverty-ridden slum. Her parents are separated. Her mother sells cosmetics in the street.

Esperanza is in grade 4. Your sponsorship would provide a source of stability for Esperanza and her family. It would contribute to her education,  nutritional support, clothing and medical treatment as necessary.  Esperanza’s mother will be invited to attend Biblically-based, entrepreneurial and savings training. Additionally, Christian Horizons Global provides inclusive classrooms and a weekly nutrition and Bible program run by the local church leadership in Delmas 33.  Esperanza, along with children of all abilities, are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

Yonatan Agusto Valenzuela Betancourth

8 years old | September 6, 2014
Boy | Guatemala

Yonatan lives with his parents and sibling in the mountain-side village of El Morro. Approximately 800 people live in this community. Most families in the area work together to harvest coffee beans, corn and black beans to earn their income. Almost half of the children in school rely on sponsorship support in order to attend. Yonatan lives with some learning and physical challenges and is excited about joining the CH Global preschool program.  At the school there is a resource room where students with various disabilities can go to receive individualized tutorial support to supplement their learning. Students, regardless of ability, pursue their goals while remaining integrated with their peers. Your sponsorship support will contribute towards Yonatan’s school tuition, nutritional support, clothing, and medical treatment as necessary. 

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