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Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team

Headshot of Dwayne Milley

Dwayne Milley

Vice President of Operations

Dwayne Milley has been with Christian Horizons since 1992. Currently serving as Vice President of Operations, Dwayne spent...

Christian Otte

Vice President of Information Systems and Technology

Christian leads the Information Systems and Technology functions at Christian Horizons. He is excited to serve people living...

Executive Directors

Headshot of Paul Gillam wearing glasses

Paul Gillam

Central East Executive Director

Paul has been with Christian Horizons for 27 years, beginning as a Direct Support Professional in Peterborough and...

Headshot of Jackie Monforton

Jackie Monforton

East District Executive Director

(serving Ottawa & Kingston) Jackie has served with Christian Horizons 30 years. Jackie began her career with Christian...

Patty Vlaar

West District Executive Director

Patty has served with Christian Horizons for over 25 years in a variety of different positions.

Ann Gyurmanczi

South District Executive Director

Ann has worked within Christian Horizons for 25 years, in positions including Direct Support Professional, Job Placement Facilitator,...

Headshot of Ingrid Dykstra

Ingrid Dykstra

North District Executive Director

Ingrid came to Christian Horizons in 1984 as a part-time Direct Support Professional. Throughout the course of her...

Headshot of Irene Moore

Irene Moore

Central District Executive Director

Irene began her career at Christian Horizon in March 1989. She has served in many roles over the...

Smiling headshot of Stefan Thmoas in front of green leaves

Stefan Thomas

Saskatchewan Executive Director

Stefan has served within Christian Horizons for more than 10 years. He started as a Direct Support Professional...

Headshot of Mike Wallace

Mark Wallace

Executive Director Organizational Culture & International Partners

Mark came to Christian Horizons in 2007 in a dual role of Direct Support Professional and a member...

Join Our Team

Our Board

Christian Horizons Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers who govern the organization of Christian Horizons. The Directors pledge to uphold the Christian Faith Foundation of Christian Horizons and lead following the vision, mission and values of the organization. Below is a list of the current Directors. Directors are elected to a three year term at the Annual General Meeting, and can serve 2 consecutive terms.

Rick Elliott

President & Chair

Rick lives in Brantford, Ontario. He is retired and was a Business Development Manager. Rick is in his sixth year on the Board of Directors.

Judy Eerkes

Vice Chair

Judy lives in Jordan Station, Ontario. She is a Clinical Leader in the Autism Spectrum Disorder Program at the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre. Judy is in her fifth year on the Board of Directors.

Beth Woof

Vice Chair

Beth lives in Ancaster, Ontario and she is a high school principal. Beth is in her third year of this term with the Board of Directors.

Rebecca Evans

Member at Large

Rebecca lives in Toronto, Ontario. She is a Public Health Nurse. Rebecca is in her fifth year on the Board of Directors.

Marty Robinson

Member at Large

Marty lives in Wellesley, Ontario. He works for Habitat for Humanity Canada. This is Marty’s fourth year on the Board of Directors.

Tyler Bowman

Member at Large

Tyler lives in St. Agatha, Ontario. Tyler is an engineer and is in his second year on the Board of Directors.

Hoa Pearce


Hoa lives in Simcoe, Ontario where she is an accountant. This is Hoa’s second year on the Board of Directors.

Richard Williams


Richard lives in Brampton, Ontario and is a healthcare sales manager. This is Richard’s second year on the Board of Directors.

Clare Lebold


Clare lives in Kitchener, Ontario and is a retired educator and pastor. This is Clare’s first year of his third term on the Board of Directors.

Priscilla Stephen


Priscilla lives in Oshawa, Ontario. She works as the Head of Human Resources in the healthcare sector. Priscilla is in her first year on the Board of Directors.

Shelley Conliffe-Wiens


Shelley lives in Brantford, Ontario and is a retired specialist teacher of the blind. This is Shelley’s first year on the Board of Directors.