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Our organization name has changed from Christian Horizons to Karis Disability Services.

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Learning and Equipping

FREE Virtual Courses

We welcome employees from agencies across Ontario and Saskatchewan to join Christian Horizons employees as they learn and grow.

Courses are delivered using BlueJeans and/or Zoom video conferencing platforms, so geographical boundaries and weather conditions are no longer a barrier. Our 3.5 hour courses have been designed with virtual delivery in mind. Come prepared for active, engaged learning.

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Core Topics Include:

Person Directed Living

Starting with a strengths-based mindset, learners will explore three key priorities:

  1. Promoting self-direction and self advocacy
  2. Encouraging contribution
  3. Fostering belonging

Through numerous video stories, interviews and practical tools, participants will be inspired and equipped to support each person to live their best life!

For more information, please email learning@christian-horizons.org

Respect, Disrespect & Abuse

RESPECT is the bullseye we aim for every day. We want to see every person who receives support and everyone who provides support experiencing respect.

The challenge is ensuring we all share a common understanding of the word “respect”. Our goal is to clarify this important topic so expectations are clear.

The RESPECT, Disrespect & Abuse course helps people to define, describe and illustrate the differences between 1) respect and disrespect, 2) disrespect and abuse, and 3) abusive actions that are non-criminal from acts that violate the criminal code.

Through multiple videos, case studies and a solid grounding of organizational values, policy, legislation and regulations, participants will gain a clear sense of the privilege it is to serve people with respect, and the responsibility that comes with being placed in a position of trust.

For more information, please email learning@christian-horizons.org

Other Topics:

  1. Medication Administration
  2. Effective Documentation
  3. Plus more…

Other Services:

  1. *Course delivery to your agency
  2. *Course customization and Instructor equipping
  3. Learning Management System (LMS)

*Fees associated. Please request a quote.

University of Waterloo Leadership Certificate Courses Currently Offered

  • Understanding Human Behaviour
  • Getting More Life Out Of Your Time
  • Leading People to Effectiveness
  • Team Building and Team Dimensions
  • Managing Conflict Opportunities


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Christian Horizons Learning Management System (LMS) is a gateway to

  • Christian Horizons Course registrations
  • E-Learning courses
  • Policy reviews (to meet and document many legislative/compliance requirements)


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For more information on additional courses, please email learning@christian-horizons.org.