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Our organization name has changed from Christian Horizons to Karis Disability Services.

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Host Family Services and Lifeshare

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Become a part of someone’s story and share life-changing experiences: Explore opportunities to become a home provider today!

Christian Horizons’ host family services – also known as Lifeshare – offers a “family home” environment to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Home providers (host families) share their lives and their homes with someone with a disability for a specified period of time based on individual needs, spanning a few months, a year, or a lifetime. You will help to provide daily physical and emotional support and accommodations, meals and personal care, similar as you would with any other family member. We work diligently to ensure that home providers are matched with home-sharers in a way that takes into consideration individual needs and common interests.

Want to Become a Host Family?

Host family services – known as Lifeshare in some communities – actively seeks new home providers for both short-term and extended support.

These opportunities help adults with developmental disabilities, who are 18 and older, live as independently as possible in their communities while receiving the support they need in a caring family environment. Each home provider receives a per diem amount, and all potential home providers are screened to ensure the role is a good fit for them.

Our coordinators provide 24/7 on-call support as well as monthly home visits. People supported in this model enjoy belonging to their community with their host family. Home providers find the role highly meaningful and rewarding, and it makes all the difference to the people you will share your home with to have a safe place to live where they are valued and accepted.

All are welcome to apply for this wonderful opportunity to become a host family/home provider. No professional qualifications are required, yet there is a training and screening process to ensure this is a good fit. We also encourage employees of Christian Horizons to apply!

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Connect with us

Below, find contact information for host family services representatives across Ontario and Saskatchewan. We hope you’ll contact us to find out more about the opportunities that are currently being offered in your area.


Phone: 905-527-6762 ext. 253

Phone: 905-527-6762 ext. 253

Phone: 905-285-0544

Guelph-Wellington and Waterloo
Phone: 519-821-2210

North and South

Muskoka (Huntsville)

Phone: 519-255-7483


Central East and Saskatchewan

Melissa Pallant

Christine Gerris

Kimberly Fehr