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Coming Soon to North Bay

Affordable Housing

Coming Soon to North Bay

Affordable, Accessible, & Inclusive Housing

Stable housing leads to health, happiness, secure employment, and community engagement. We also believe that people should be able to choose their living situations, roommates, and afford their own home.

However, Ontario’s growing demand for homes and rising rent prices mean that people on a limited income end up paying more than they can afford for housing.

That is why we are working towards our first affordable housing project in North Bay. In these homes, people with disabilities will not only be included but will be central to the community.

These will be the first of what we hope are many affordable housing solutions that will meet the needs of many and provide a community for all.


Support Affordable Housing Initiative in North Bay


Our Goals

A stable home is the foundation for success for all other areas of life, and for those living with developmental disabilities and who rely on government support, not only is affordability a challenge, accessibility is a requirement. But not only do they need accessible, affordable housing for their success, they need a place where they feel at home in a community that supports them.

People who receive support will have an opportunity to have their own lease, providing separation between support and housing. The project seeks to develop housing that is affordable, directed by, and selected by the person; resulting in their integration into the fabric of the community.

To increase independence and build a more integrated community experience, Christian Horizons plans to create multi-unit affordable housing in North Bay. This will provide a support base for adults who experience developmental disabilities with the ability to live independently, with individualized support.


We will create the opportunity for those who may otherwise be denied the opportunity to have a place where they feel they belong. Providing this stability may help them find employment, improve their health, increase their overall self-worth and find a place where they belong. In doing so, a community is enriched by the diversity it experiences, by the additional social capital, and by the added civic participation of all its members.

The Project

“We are excited to bring Christian Horizons’ model for affordable housing to North Bay. This housing model will create a true feeling of belonging and a sense of community for all those living here. We are committed to becoming a reputable landlord providing safe, secure, intergenerational housing for members of this community who have felt marginalized in the past. We are see ‘ownership’ for the project taking shape in those currently living in the house at First Avenue and with the staff team. There is a growing excitement to be be able to help others”

Ingrid Dykstra – North District Executive Director

With a vacancy rate of 1%, the housing crisis in North Bay has continued to deepen over the last few years.

Currently, Christian Horizons supports two individuals in North Bay who are living in temporary housing as a result of the sale of their previous home by the landlord. The challenge of accessing affordable housing for these individuals has propelled Christian Horizons to find creative ways to contribute to the solution while helping to address the growing need for affordable housing in North Bay.

Our plan is to renovate an existing building that formerly served as a group home facility by L’Arche Canada. This building will provide 4 two-bedroom secure housing units, including:

  • 1 unit for two Christian Horizon clients
  • 3 units with deeply affordable rates (Ontario Disability Support Plan rates)
  • Common area for Program Staff to provide support
  • Fifty-five years ago, when Steven Reese was born, the only option for support for people with disabilities was in large, government-run institutions. The Reese family dreamed of something better – a place that provides the opportunity to include people who experience disabilities. Christian Horizons is now furthering the Reese’s dream by building inclusive and affordable communities in North Bay that will improve the lives of many and ensure everyone benefits!
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About Us

As a non-profit, developmental services organization, Christian Horizons helps people experiencing disabilities accomplish their goals and thrive in communities where their God-given gifts are valued and respected.

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