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Our organization name has changed from Christian Horizons to Karis Disability Services.

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Our Strategic Plan

Christian Horizons is committed to our values, vision, and mission. Promoting communities of belonging is core to who we are. But how do we know what’s working, and what’s not? Outcome-Based Community Planning ensures that our strategic planning is effective. We work together on local community projects that are supported by measurable goals and aligned towards our strategic outcomes.

Onward Outcomes

We developed our four Strategic Outcomes in collaboration with people who use our services and employees from every community where we serve. Each area then plans activities to help us achieve our outcomes. Together, we can accomplish more than we ever could alone.

Based on what we have heard from you, here are the four outcomes that will guide our work in the coming years:

People Experience Our Core Values

What can we say – we love our core values! We think you will too. They show how important it is to value and respect people. We want everyone to experience them. That’s why we’re working on freeing up leaders to have more time to make sure our core values are known and experienced in every situation.

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People Self Direct Their Services

Valuing people means that they should be able to choose their services and how they receive those services. We want to make sure that there are meaningful options to choose from, ways to fund these services, the right people to help you navigate these options, and ways to have your voice (or preferred communication method) heard!

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People Experience Growth and Development

What gives your life meaning? These activities, relationships, and opportunities to learn are all part of growth and development. We want to hear what each person who uses our services cares about and how we can help them grow in those areas. Our mission from the start of any planning process to the time that you achieve your goals is that you experience encouragement, satisfaction, meaning, and purpose.

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People Experience Communities of Belonging

Communities are at their best when everybody belongs and contributes. Schools, faith communities, workplaces, and community groups all need to welcome people with disabilities to thrive. Helping you belong to your community means helping communities get to know you and all your gifts! We commit to sharing stories of belonging and to helping our society become a more accessible and welcoming place.

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Read our Strategic Plan

Learn more about our planning into 2025 by downloading our Onward strategic plan.


Outcome One

People supported by Christian Horizons experience services consistent with our core values

As a Christian faith-based organization, the way we provide services is guided by our faith foundation, which is described through our core values: Valuing people, fostering belonging, serving others, and respecting gifts.

It is really important that everyone connected to Christian Horizons experiences our faith through our core values. This is because our faith is what motivated our founders to create Christian Horizons over 50 years ago and it is central to who we are as an organization today.

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From community leaders spending lots of time on administrative tasks.

To community leaders well-equipped to coach and mentor teams on how to support you.

Outcome Two

People direct the services they receive from Christian Horizons

Self-directed services means choosing how you want to live and what services you will use to live your life. When we sought input on our Onward plans, we heard very clearly that you want to make more choices, like where you work or how you spend your time. So, we have used your ideas to create some really great activities to help you do this.

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From doing things for you.

To services led by you.

From services focused on your daily living.

To support you to achieve your goals and live the life you dream of living.

From being all of your support.

To being a piece of your broader support along with other community services, your family, friends, and assistive technology.

From housing and support that is predesigned.

To supports that you can choose to meet your needs.

Outcome Three

People experience services that support their ongoing growth and development

At its core, growth and development is about having meaning and purpose in your life – a meaning that sometimes encourages us to try new things and at other times to simply enjoy the things that make us who we are. Learning new skills, participating in new activities, and engaging in meaningful opportunities is an important part of everyone’s life. It is through these things that you can achieve your goals.

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From services focused on your daily living.

To supporting you as you achieve your goals and live the life you choose.

Outcome Four

Communities are welcoming of people who experience disabilities

Communities are at their best when every person can use their gifts to make their community a better place. Belonging is more than going out and doing things in your community. Belonging is about using your skills and gifts to help your community. It’s about making true friendships. When we give and receive help, when we invite and are invited, when we visit and are visited, we are experiencing belonging in our community.

Our role at Christian Horizons is to support you to be a part of your community. We also work to support your community to be a welcoming place of belonging.


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From being the community for people with disabilities.

To nurturing communities where everybody belongs.