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Our organization name has changed from Christian Horizons to Karis Disability Services.

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Global Initiatives

Give Globally

In each country where we serve, we are working with families living on the margins. In most cases, this means people are living in very close proximity to one another, handwashing effectively is a challenge for them and most people do not have refrigeration so fresh food must be purchased daily.

Our employees are working hard to provide kits that contain dried food (corn, grains beans, rice), disinfectants and health supplies to help these families in this time of need.

Women giving each other a high five.

Give Where Needed

You can be a part of building inclusive education or sustainable community development with people who experience disabilities around the world. Donate today and we’ll make sure that your gift is directed to the areas that need it most.


Inclusive Education

Every child deserves an education.

Be a part of someone’s journey today – help us build classrooms, train teachers, and distribute supplies so that children with and without disabilities can learn together in accessible and enriching environments.

Send a Child to School

$26/month will help send a child to school

$35 provides school supplies for three children in Haiti

$75 helps fund inclusive education environments in Ethiopia

$150 supports accessible “head start” early childhood education in Guatemala

Sustainable Community Development

Communities grow when everybody belongs.

We believe that local leaders know their communities best, but sometimes need resourcing to make their dreams a success. Be a part of a changed world: sustainable communities where everybody belongs.

Be Part of a Changed World

$41/month will sponsor a child and support their family and community

$50 helps to fund the “Saving to End Poverty (STEP) fund and break cycles of poverty in Ethiopia.

$75 will help support women in a community home setting in Guatemala.