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Our organization name has changed from Christian Horizons to Karis Disability Services.

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Excellence in Action

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The Excellence in Action awards were created to celebrate people who have made an excellent contribution or furthered the Vision of Christian Horizons.

Nominations for the 2023-2024 Excellence in Action awards will be accepted till April 30, 2024.

Please use the online form below to submit your nomination or you can download a physical copy and email it to excellence@christian-horizons.org:

People receiving services, employees, community members, family members, advocates, and friends are invited to nominate someone who has demonstrated Excellence in Action in the last fiscal year. Nominees can be donors, employees, family members, partners, people receiving services, stakeholders, vendors, volunteers; any person who has made an excellent contribution or furthered the Vision of Christian Horizons.

At last year’s Annual Community Meetings, 72 recipients were presented an Excellence in Action award. This award is presented in celebration of people who made an excellent contribution to further the Vision of Christian Horizons. These recipients were selected from 143 nominations received across the organization from employees, community partners, family members, and people who use Christian Horizons Services.

We are honoured to recognize our 2021-2022 Excellence in Action award recipients:

Please contact excellence@christian-horizons.org for more information.