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Our organization name has changed from Christian Horizons to Karis Disability Services.

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FAQ – Child Sponsorship

By sponsoring a child for $41/month, you’ll be addressing a child’s practical needs, including school tuition, nutrition, and medical care.

You’ll enhance community programs that support the development of healthy minds, bodies, and spirits, while equipping local leaders to promote community integration that emphasizes inclusion regardless of ability.

  • We take a practical approach to the support and development of a child that recognizes the many aspects of a child's personhood. Meeting physical, intellectual, social and spiritual needs is essential for sustainable personal growth.

  • Your sponsorship will provide a source of financial stability for your sponsored child and their family, providing for your child's school tuition and their own personal, immediate needs such as medical treatment and basic necessities such as food and clothing. Your support will also strengthen inclusive education opportunities, vocational training and promote community disability awareness and inclusion.

  • Programming in your sponsored child's community is unique to the needs identified by the local leadership. Examples include: nutrition programs, education and spiritual growth opportunities, children's camps, entrepreneurial and savings training for parents and caregivers etc. These are valuable programs that help to build community and strengthen relationships. Despite the uniqueness of programs run in each community…the theme and heart of them remain the same…everyone belongs.

  • Our Programs exist to support children with disabilities but not all children in the Sponsorship Program experience disability. By uplifting whole communities, we help build capacity for integration and support for people of all abilities. We want communities to be places where everybody belongs and all use their God-given gifts. We develop opportunities for all children and specifically ensure that these programs include those who have differences of abilities. This approach is mutually beneficial for those experiencing disability, families in extreme poverty, and the community as a whole.

  • We work with local community leaders to identify the children with the highest need for support. We intentionally seek children and families who are affected by disability. Most often, these are families who have not been given the attention they require due to cultural stigma. Children are chosen regardless of religious background or affiliation.

  • Support is based on a stage of life, not their age in life. A child can remain supported through the program:

    • As long as they are attending school
    • Into young adulthood, if they have a disability

  • Yes! Children love to hear from their sponsors! Visit here for more details.

  • Tax receipts are issued annually for all sponsorship donations and can arrive via email or hard copy depending on your preference.

  • Christian Horizons Global is audited annually by external auditors and is a member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.

Letter Exchange

One of the regular requests we receive from children is to receive a letter from their sponsor. Your messages impact the growth and development of your sponsored child.