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Our organization name has changed from Christian Horizons to Karis Disability Services.

Visit karis.org to Learn More

Central District Workshops and Events

We offer opportunities for adults over 18 who have a developmental disability to engage in skill development, community involvement, volunteer opportunities, social and recreational activities. Each person has the opportunity to participate in person-directed planning where they choose the opportunities that are meaningful for them.


There are two ways to access community participation supports 1) To access our Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) funded Community participation supports, please contact your local Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) office by visiting their website. 2) To purchase these supports on a fee for service basis, please contact Alicia Soares: asoares@christian-horizons.org.

Spiritual Enrichment

Praying with Friends – Taking care of your spiritual health is important. Research shows that prayer improves your mental health and wellbeing. Joins us to pray with your peers!

Understanding my Faith – Explore and learn about other faiths while understanding your own.

WIP Praise & Worship – Come together for some praise and worship.

Physical Activities

Take part in some fun physical activities such as:

  • Zumba
  • Kickboxing
  • Fitness in Motion
  • Yoga
  • Walk Together
  • Sportability
  • Nature Walking Club

Wellness Series

Nutrifit – Our actions affect our bodies and minds. Learn which foods, exercises, and activities will help you become a healthier version of yourself.

My Wellness Matters: Inside & Out – Let’s work together to build stronger bodies and minds.

Wellness: Emotions – Learn how to identify and express your emotions.

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Our advocacy programs include:

  • Taking Charge: My Life, My choices, My decisions
  • Self Advocacy Advisory Team
  • Our Voice Matters: Toronto
  • Self-Advocacy Skills
  • Empower Me

Education Series

Our Education series covers:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Sensory Science
  • Oops… Boom!
  • How to be a Good Roommate Workshop
  • I Wanna Drive
  • Writeitude
  • Now We Know
  • Sign Language
  • Tinkering Tom
  • WIP Literacy/Numeracy

Upcoming Events

Victoria Day Virtual Connections

Upcoming Events

Join our annual Victoria Day celebrations virtually!

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Central District Contacts

Monica Bustamante, Employment Coordinator


Karen Williams, Employment Coordinator


Patricia Walton, Employment Coordinator