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Belonging in a Classroom

Fall 2022

Kalkidan and Bahren in Ethiopia - 2022

Written by: Mark Wallace, Executive Director of Organizational Culture & International Partners

In Arsi Robe, Ethiopia, just off the main road, there is an enclosed yard that contains beautiful gardens, a playground, and a school. The entire place is full of children laughing and playing together. This is the Robe Campus of Horizons Academy, an inclusive education school.

Kalkidan and Bahren, two students who are among the laughing children, use wheelchairs and are a part of the child sponsorship program. Both children graduated kindergarten this year alongside their classmates with and without disabilities.

Kalkidan loves her teachers and says that she feels at home with the Christian Horizons Ethiopia team. Bahren was so happy to graduate from senior kindergarten and has goals to continue his hard work.

Along with attending classes during the week, Kalkidan and Bahren also join the Weekend Day Care program hosted at their school. The program offers nutrition and daytime activities for children in the community.

After being asked what they want to be when they grow up, both Kalkidan and Bahren said, “Doctors!”

Thank you to our donors who are allowing these children to follow their dreams.