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Sponsorship brings stability in tough times

April 2021

Written by: Mark Wallace, Executive Director Organizational Culture & International Partners

On the windswept hills on Port-au-Princes outskirts live Dahana and Samitha and their family. Their lives have changed so much over the past few years. After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the girls lived with their mother in Delmas devastated community in the capital city.

In the aftermath of the Earthquake, their father left the family, leaving their mother to support them on her own. At that point, our local church partner in Haiti brought them forward for our
new child sponsorship program. For their mom, it was an answer to her prayers.

The support enabled the girls to attend the Good Seed school
that Christian Horizons funded. In this supportive environment, children were valued and could learn alongside classmates who experienced disabilities.

In 2017, their mother passed away from an illness. She left behind six children, but Dahana and Samitha, being the youngest, were the most vulnerable.

Through this challenging time, the sponsorship program was a constant support. In 2020, their sponsorship was once again a source of security amid the uncertainty. While the pandemic worsened the
an already weak economy and political instability in Haiti, their sponsorship provided the support to continue their education.

Now, Samitha is in Grade 10, enjoys studying, and dreams of becoming a doctor. Dahana, on the other hand, prefers numbers. She is in Grade 9 and is working towards becoming an accountant. Both sisters are very studious because education gives them hope.

Dahana and Samithas mother had a simple dream for her children: education. Donors like you made that dream a reality.

We love sharing stories like these. Earlier we shared this story with Haiti child sponsors via email. If you want to receive updates from your sponsor childs country, send us an email at sponsorship@chglobal.org