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Mehuba: Thriving with the Right Supports

Mehuba and her two boys

August 14, 2020

Mehuba invites us into her home in Assela, Ethiopia with a friendly smile. She is vibrant and happy to be hosting. Her boys, who are dressed identically in their best-matching clothes in anticipation of our visit, show us to our seats on cushions on the floor.

The family’s lives have changed dramatically in the past year. A year ago, Mehuba and her family were in a dark place. She was the victim of violence. She was abused by some armed attackers that left her injured and permanently disabled.

In the aftermath of the violence, Mehuba was left with a number of physical challenges. Her husband had left her, she had children to care for and had no way to support her family. She slipped into what the local support workers called “a deep depression.” She says, “I had no confidence.”

When the local government officials asked Christian Horizons Ethiopia to intervene, her situation was desperate. Our staff found the family suffering from malnutrition, barely sustaining themselves on roasted wheat.

Thanks to our donors, we were able to assist Mehuba and her family. Mehuba began to receive visits from one of our social workers. Her two sons were enrolled in our child sponsorship program.

With a small business loan and training on how to manage her business, she began baking and selling bread and other snacks. The local government gave her permission to sell within the local bus station.

Working and having adequate nutrition for herself and her family have given Mehuba the encouragement she needed to care for herself and her family. She is now confident. She will have to take great care to manage the difficulties of her physical disability, but she now has the energy to do so.

During our visit, her children showed off their karate skills. They have joined local lessons and are really enjoying it. Mehuba is so thankful for the opportunity that donors like you have given her. She literally kisses the envelopes that held the support.

When we ask her how her life has changed, she says, “I could not even imagine [then] that I would be alive, let alone [living and supporting] my family like this. I thank God that he is always working. He did a miracle for me.”