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Impact Story Update: Elias

Woman pouring water into bucket, as young boy washes hands in the bucket.

August 19th, 2020

In our spring newsletter, we shared a story about Elias. We thought we would share this update with you as an example of how our team comes alongside sponsored children even during this time of COVID.

Elias lives with his family in a small home in Assela, Ethiopia. He is very active and is in constant motion around his house. He enjoys the stimulation of moving his body, tapping objects and feeling the vibrations the objects make. Elias had recently started attending school but is now under restrictions due to COVID-19.

Update from his mother:

“Of course, Elias is happier when he is at his school (HACDU) than when he is at home. He enjoys traveling by bus, chatting with other children, playing with different play materials and the school environment, as a whole, gives him better happiness. When he stays at home, he sees very similar things and it gets a little boring. However, the care and follow up provided by Christian Horizons Ethiopia is very essential and I am able to provide him better care than before. I regularly receive supplementary food items like wheat flour, cooking oil, pasta, macaroni and sanitary materials from Christian Horizons Ethiopia. I am really very lucky to access such support during this very tough time. Without this support, I would not be able to sustain my family, especially Elias, during such an inflated market and controlled movement. Elias spends some time playing football and sometimes watching TV and playing with his sister. Like others, I am praying for God for His mighty intervention for the world community and our country. I kindly ask Christian Horizons Ethiopia to extend my best regards to the sponsors of Elias. Thank you!”

Update from his support worker:

“Even though I am not able to visit Elias three times a week as before, I contact [his mother] weekly via telephone to follow up on Elias. I also [occasionally] visit him by wearing my face mask and respecting my physical distance – just to see him since I miss [seeing] him for longer time. I work with [his mother] to give him game activities to keep him in movement during the day for the fact that if he stays in bed or on the sofa for long time, his physical strength and performance will lessen. I also follow the continuation of the activities he has been doing at school. I also strongly communicate and consult with [his mother] about his meal and daily sanitation. I think everything is going well. I also appreciate the support Christian Horizons Ethiopia is providing at home. Finally, I want to present my gratitude to Christian Horizons Global too.

We pray for God without ceasing that He helps those who are suffering from the diseases of COVID-19 and to give comfort for all the families [who have] lost their members by this pandemic. God is good all the time!”