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Hope and Confidence

September 2021

Written by: Mark Wallace, Executive Director of Organizational Culture & International Partners


Geralda is a woman with a quick wit and an infectious laugh. She has found belonging and the ability to be herself and contribute her gifts at her local church in Archahaie, Haiti. If you stopped by one Sunday, you would find her talking and laughing with the teachers or the pastor.

Ten years ago, Geralda was with a group of people by the side of the road when they were all struck by a moving vehicle. Seven people lost their lives that day and Geralda lost her leg. With a newly acquired disability, she struggled to adjust. She describes herself in those days as having “little confidence or hope”. She dropped out of school and isolated herself.

In 2017, she met people who were part of a local church. “They joked with me and talked with me like people did before I had a disability,” she said.

Through the church, she became connected to Christian Horizons’ sponsorship program. Working together, Geralda found a place to belong – a second home. Sponsorship helps her meet daily basic needs and also made it possible for her to go back to school. Now, at 26, she is finishing high school. She even participated in a local photo contest in her community to show that everyone with disabilities has gifts and is beautiful.

She has come a long way thanks to her spirit of determination, a caring, local church, and faithful sponsors who help her thrive.