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Beza: Education and Empowerment

Spring 2022


Written by: Mark Wallace, Executive Director of Organizational Culture & International Partners

The roads leading to Woldia University in Asella, Ethiopia, are a vibrant place to be. Pockets of students gather, laughing and joking together on their way to class. You may hear students debating the finer points of an assignment before stopping at the print shop close by to print their project to meet a deadline. Sitting at a desk behind a computer, we can find Beza, hard at work at the printing shop that she owns and operates, thanks to charitable giving through our child sponsorship program.

Christian Horizons Global met Beza in 2007 when she was referred to us by local community leaders who identified her needs. She had lost a parent, and her family was struggling. Our child sponsorship program has an education component so families receiving support can prioritize school and its benefits to their child and their community.

The support and encouragement of Beza’s sponsorship allowed her to learn in an inclusive school in Asella.

After completing high school, she developed a new dream and went to Woldia University, studying History and Heritage. Throughout her post-secondary learning, Beza found a way to give back to her community by volunteering with the Christian Horizons Ethiopia Team in her town.

After graduation, Beza faced the new challenge of finding employment. Because of her education, the business training she received as part of the sponsorship program, and the imagination God gave her, she was prepared for the challenge. Rather than waiting for an employment opportunity to come to her, Beza put her education to use and sought support to start her own business. She was eligible for a business loan from the Christian Horizons Ethiopia Revolving Loan Program and opened her printing shop.

Beza’s education and the generosity of donors like you empowered her to become a businesswoman and to give back to her community.