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“Mario” Rene Tabique Vasquez

Birth Date: April 1, 2011

Waiting for sponsorship since:

Mario lives with his mother and seven siblings in the mountainside village of El Morro. Approximately 800 people live in this community. Mario recently lost his sponsorship which has been critical in supporting his education and nutrition needs. He enjoys going to school and playing soccer when he is able. His mother and sister were sick this past year but have since recovered. Almost half of the children in Mario’s school rely on sponsorship support in order to attend. At the school, there is a resource room where students with various disabilities can go to receive individualized tutorial support to supplement their learning. Students, regardless of ability, pursue their goals while remaining integrated with their peers. Your sponsorship support will contribute to Mario’s school tuition, nutritional support, clothing, and medical treatment as necessary.

Town: El Morro