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Holbens Didro Noel

Birth Date: December 3, 2011

Waiting for sponsorship since:

Holbens lives with his parents, 2 sisters, and brother in Delmas 33, a community located north of Port-au-Prince which consists of a very rich population existing beside a poverty-ridden slum belt. When possible, his mother works in housekeeping, and his father works as a mechanic.

Holbens is in grade 4. He enjoys school and likes to play soccer with his friends. Your sponsorship will provide a source of stability for Holbens and his family. It will contribute towards his education, nutritional support, clothing, and health care. Holben’s parents will be invited to attend Biblically-based, entrepreneurial and savings training. Additionally, Christian Horizons Global provides inclusive classrooms and a weekly nutrition and Bible program run by the local church leadership in Holben’s community. Holben, along with children of all abilities, are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

Town: Delmas 33