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Report Gives Hope to People with Developmental Disabilities

August 31, 2016

I would like to congratulate the Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dube on the thoroughness of his report on developmental services in Ontario. The report highlights situations of crisis and challenges of access into services for adults with developmental disabilities. The crisis circumstances described within the report are unacceptable.

Thank you to the Ministry of Community and Social Services on their willingness to accept the recommendations of the report. I am optimistic that the government will continue to work to put into action the changes necessary to address the challenges outlined in the Ombudsman’s report and will also continue their ongoing efforts to improve access into the developmental services system, with the goal to eliminate wait-lists so all people with intellectual disabilities can live and belong within their community.

Still, this is something that goes beyond the ministry or even developmental services agencies in Ontario. This report highlights the need for all of us to make our communities more inclusive for people with developmental disabilities. It is all our responsibility – community neighbourhoods, faith communities, employers, educators and families – to embrace and welcome people with developmental disabilities. Everyone must work together so that all of us, including people with disabilities, can enjoy a secure, safe place to live, go to school and receive an education, gain meaningful, competitive employment, and fully contribute and be contributed to in our community.

Janet Noel-Annable

CEO, Christian Horizons Kitchener