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Our organization name has changed from Christian Horizons to Karis Disability Services.

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Menno Homes and Christian Horizons Announce Amalgamation

April 6, 2016

Menno Homes of Sask. Inc. and Christian Horizons today jointly announce the amalgamation of their organizations.

Based in Waldheim, Saskatchewan, Menno Homes supports over 50 people with developmental disabilities in 11 homes in Waldheim, Warman and Saskatoon and operates vocational and day program for more than 70 people. Christian Horizons is based in Kitchener, Ontario, supporting people with developmental disabilities in over 200 homes across Ontario and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, as well as through participation supports, employment supports and supported vacation opportunities.

The transition will begin over the coming months, with the legal amalgamation effective July 1, 2016. The new organization will be called Christian Horizons.

The Waldheim community, Menno Homes’ partners and families of people supported by Menno Homes are invited to an open house on Tuesday, April 12 to learn more about Christian Horizons and the amalgamation. The documentary, Christian Horizons Jubilee: Building Communities of Belonging will be shown at 7 p.m.

When: April 12, 2016
Where: Menno Homes office, 4006 3rd Ave E, Waldheim
Open house: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Greetings and documentary viewing: 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Refreshments will be provided. Child care is available during the viewing.

  • The amalgamation will help sustain and strengthen the Christian faith within Menno Homes. Amalgamation will allow us to share resources and increase our expertise in working with person who have exceptional needs. It will also allow us to broaden our services, such as holding a Family Retreat camp in Saskatchewan.

    - Peter Guenther, Board Chair, Menno Homes

  • Board of Christian Horizons welcomes the amalgamation of Christian Horizons and Menno Homes and the opportunity to work together in the future to the glory of God in serving persons with disabilities in our communities. We are confident in God’s leading and guidance as we develop our relationship so that we will be stronger together in our common goal of providing the best possible service to those with disabilities and be able to take advantage of new opportunities that may arise as a result of our new relationship.

    - Nigel Wiford, Board Chair, Christian Horizons

  • We are thrilled to partner with the good folks of Menno Homes. With our shared faith and shared passion for service, we look forward to building communities of belonging together.

    - Janet Nolan, CEO, Christian Horizons

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  • In the summer of 1963 a unique home for people with intellectual disabilities was founded in Waldheim, Saskatchewan. The original project was a Christian ministry of the Mennonite Central Committee and consisted of a single building where more than forty people were supported. This building still exists today and is home to the Menno Homes of Sask. Inc. administrative offices and two day programs. The residential component has moved into several community homes.
  • Christian Horizons was founded in June 1965 by Rev. Jim and Adrienne Reese. The Reeses and other who joined them were responding to a need for Christian care for children with exceptional needs. Their son, Steven Reese, was born with exceptional needs on March 5, 1963. Christian Horizons began as a camping ministry in 1967. The first home was opened in Waterloo in 1976.

About Menno Homes of Sask. Inc.

Menno Homes of Sask. Inc. began in 1963 as a ministry of what is now the Mennonite Central Committee of Saskatchewan. The single residential facility for adults with intellectual disabilities was called Menno Home. In the late 1990s the Menno Home responded to changes in best practice by assisting those living in the home with transitioning to community supports. Today, Menno Homes of Sask. Inc. exists as a non-profit, Christian, charitable organization funded by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services. The agency supports more than 70 individuals in the communities of Waldheim, Saskatoon, Warman, and Martinsville. Our supports include 11 group homes and a wide variety of day program options that include recreational programs, woodworking, curb side recycling, two SARCAN depots, golf course maintenance and other volunteer work opportunities. We employ more than 140 people in the work that we do.